Holiday makers have to run as a tornado hits a beach in Pescoluse, Lecce, Italy. August 25th 2020.

“Fear, in the early afternoon, in one of the most touristic places in Salento. A violent tornado hit the crowded beach of Pescoluse, also hitting the coastal stretch that includes Torre Vado and Torre Pali, also in the Salve area. To have the worst one of the kiosks on the coast, now deprived of its gazebo: the structure was dismantled by the small tornado. There are also deckchairs and sun loungers and several umbrellas that ended up in the sea and never recovered due to the force of the wind.

A vortex that has literally uprooted a couple of towers used by the lifeguards of the establishments and caused various damages to equipment and swimmers. In fact, five ambulances arrived on the site, fearing that the metal and wood fragments could have seriously injured someone among the bgananti, where numerous children were also present.”

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