Torrential floods hit Algiers, Algeria’s capital, after heavy rains. September 7th and 8th, 2020.

“The rains that fell on the night of Monday, September 7 in Algiers caused significant damage. These stormy rains, accompanied by hail, flooded several towns in the capital and paralyzed road traffic on several axes.

Thus, the first autumn thunderstorms exposed the catastrophic management of the outlets in the capital. These, poorly maintained and clogged, are the main cause of the floods recorded on Monday night. The inhabitants of the capital found themselves, in the morning of this day, in front of a sorry spectacle made of blocked roads and littered with mud and debris. Some motorists found themselves stranded due to the rising waters and huge traffic jams formed.

The damage is significant, especially in Husseïn Dey, Birkhadem and Berraki.”

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