In this episode we will take a look at the shooting of Jacob Blake on 8/23, the subsequent riots which received NATIONAL attention on 8/24 as well as the symbolism connected to it. We will also take a look at how it this event is connected to other Satanic blood sacrifice rituals like Kobe Bryant’s death.
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I have never said that “systemic racism” nor “police brutality” is not an issue. What I have always said is that the “powers that be” are using these issues to manipulate the “so called black” community into causing anarchy, through civil unrest, by promoting rioting, burglary and arson in their own communities. The purpose is to cause widespread chaos so that they can then use the CHAOS to implement even more strict, more brutal, more dehumanizing tactics to restore ORDER. Thus “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!
Moreover, aside from addressing systemic racism and police brutality, how about first addressing the senseless murder of so called blacks by our own people which happens at greater frequency than police murder of so called blacks. How can we expect other races to respect the sanctity of “black lives” when “so called blacks” don’t respect it themselves? Just look at Chicago, or any other urban community for that matter, which is inhabited by a majority of so called black people and you will see the extremely high murder rates –which are the result of black on black violence. It’s ridiculous!
We have to straighten up our own house and stop pointing fingers and laying the blame at the feet of others. Not that others don’t bear some responsibility. However, we must do better FIRST!