If you would like a FREE digital book titled: ‘IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE’
Please email me at: watchmensreport(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you a FREE copy, it’s over 100 pages and is one of the very best Rapture dream’s I have ever heard. And the best part is it’s all TRUE and I was held in the arms of Jesus and I looked into the eyes of God.

and God Bless you mightly.

Tony Lamb
End of Days Watchman with Dreams and Visions.
Thank you for your support and your prayers.
You are a blessing to me and Bobbie.

If you have been blessed by God and you are moved by the Holy Spirit to help me with this End of Days Ministry and mailing out Bibles and the CD, ‘THE WARNING’ that is going out. I welcome your help, as I can not do all that the Lord has put in my heart to do, NOT without your help and your prayers. But if you are struggling to make ends meet and barely getting by, then PLEASE keep your money AS YOU NEED IT, but in that case, I will ONLY ask that you pray for this ministry, me and Bobbie and the WARNING that is going out. God Bless You.

The audio CD, ‘THE WARNING,’ we mailed out over 2000 copies in just the first 2 weeks of its
release. We sent copies to Christian Talk Radio stations in America, England, and Australia.
Thanks to YOU.
And now we are mailing out a 3-page letter and a CD titled ‘THE WARNING’ to Assembly of God churches, pastors all over America,. Here is the 3-page letter that I am mailing out: I also mail out the CD titled: ‘THE WARNING’ to private people, radio stations and businesses all over the world (ALL THANKS TO YOU).

I see this 3-page letter and the CD ‘THE WARNING’ as a WAKE-UP CALL for the church.
That these are the Last Days and it’s time to get serious about saving souls and doing God’s work.

To date, I have mailed out over 6000 3-page letters and CD’s titled ‘THE WARNING’ to Assembly of God Churches in America and NOW I ONLY have Florida, Virginia and California left to mail to.

I was given these dreams and visions by the Holy Spirit (for this time right now) and then the Holy Spirit commanded me to:

‘WAKE UP AND TELL THE PEOPLE’. And that is what I have attempted to do ever since.

Now, I know I was called for this time now, RIGHT NOW as the clock is about to strike midnight.
To sound the last alarm, to give the last warning to the people that Jesus is coming and very, VERY soon.

my mailing address is: Tony Lamb, POB 41, Dardanelle, AR 72834

God has blessed me just by sending you to view this video.
I pray that YOU take this Warning to heart and if you are not saved I beg you to repent of sin, pray and invite Jesus into your heart as your Lord and savior.
God Bless you and God keep you and yours

*(If you would like a (FREE KJV Bible) and can not afford one contact me and I will send you a BIBLE FREE of charge.)

**(IF you would like a FREE audio CD titled (THE WARNING) the full version please write or email me and my email address can be found on my website. PLEASE ASK FOR THE FREE CD OFFER and include your name and full address). Thank You History is about to be made.

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**** AND PLEASE call your local Christian Talk Radio station and ask them to play ‘THE WARNING’ by Tony Lamb and remind them IF they do not already have a copy, they can get a FREE copy at (AS THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS!)

I believe every word of the KJV Bible is the inspired word of Almighty God and I believe every single word, I leave nothing out and I add nothing to it.

I do this NOT for my glory but to glorify the one who sent me, Jesus Christ as HE is the only one who can save you, me or anyone from what is to come upon this sin-filled and vile world.

As I am not even worthy to touch the hem of His garment.

Thank You,
God Bless you and I will pray for you and your family
Watchman Tony Lamb