Heavy rain caused massive flooding in Algeria in the region of Batna and Tebessa. September 3rd 2020.

“Torrential thunderstorms that took place from Wednesday night to Thursday in the northern part of the wilaya of Batna (eastern Algeria).

The civil protection services have made use of all human and material capabilities, including the mobile convoy detachment to fight forest fires in Fesdis, to absorb the flood waters and help the citizens who were stuck in their cars due to the heavy thunderstorms witnessed by the municipalities of Fesdis, Al-Ma’ather, Boumieh and a special crime at the level of the underground tunnel adjacent to the University of Batna 2 Which was completely flooded.

The same interests also intervened to absorb the leaked water into many homes, especially in the city of Al-Maather, in addition to facilitating traffic movement at the level of some axes, especially the national roads 87 and 77.”

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