(Translated from Brazilian Portuguese): A 4.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Bahia, in the region of the cities of Mutuípe , which is in the Jiquiriçá Valley , and Amargosa, in the Recôncavo Baiano , this Sunday morning (30), according to calculations by the Federal University of Seismology Laboratory Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) .

Residents of several cities in the state, such as Castro Alves, São Miguel das Matas and Santo Antônio de Jesus, also in Recôncavo, reported the impact of the earthquake. In Salvador , tremors were also felt. There is no record of injuries.

The G1 contacted Aderson Nascimento, Seismology Lab coordinator UFRN, which makes the monitoring of phenomena. He explained that this earthquake had a high magnitude and could also be felt in Salvador.

“We did a preliminary analysis and this major event was recorded by the global network, it was 4.6 in magnitude, 6 km south to southwest of Mutuípe and Amargosa. Salvador is just under 100 km from Mutuípe and, with this magnitude, it was certainly felt in Salvador. “, detailed Aderson.

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