Last night, Trevor Noah tweeted a video that called for the death of 22 million people in Florida that was viewed over 1,800,000 times, this is what he calls comedy, this is what passes for humor on ‘The Daily Show’.

Donald Trump did really, really well last night, so well in fact that the Liberals who run Pennsylvania and Georgia stopped counting votes around 11:00 PM, refusing to tally any more votes when it started to run wildly in favor of Trump. Here in my home state of Florida, patriots turned out in record numbers including blacks and Latinos, to give Trump the state early, even though the fake news media refused to call it until almost two hours later. Unfunny host of ‘The Daily Show’, Trevor Noah, tweeted out a video of Florida being nuked and instantly killed all the nearly 22 million Americas who live there. I and my family live her. Trevor Noah says we should be killed.

When Jon Stewart ran ‘The Daily Show’ it was Liberal, but it was funny, and Stewart’s humor cut both ways. Yes, he pushed a Liberal Democratic agenda but at the same time skewered both sides, and because of that the show was wildly popular on both sides of the aisle. Trevor Noah, on the other hand, has this job because not because he’s funny, because Trevor Noah is tragically unfunny and not funny. He has this job because the network needed a ‘person of color’ to appeal to their demographic, so he hosts that show by way of affirmative action, and for no other reason. If you have ever watched 30 second of Trevor Noah ‘riffing’, then you know I am telling the truth.

Last night, Trevor Noah tweeted a video that called for the death of 22 million people in Florida that was viewed over 1,800,000 times, this is what he calls comedy, this is what passes for humor on ‘The Daily Show’. This is how Democrats in 2020 think, this is the party that wants to abort babies on their due date, and they have no issues killing you if you dare go against their Marxist agenda. Thus it is with all tyrants. Blacks and Latinos voted for Trump in Florida, now Trevor Noah says they should be killed, all Florida should be wiped out.

I know that ‘The Daily Show’ reads NTEB, I was on the show in 2016, so let me send a direct message to Trevor Noah. Right now, Trevor Noah,  you are unsaved and headed to a Devil’s Hell, and as despicable a human being as you are, calling for me and my children to be destroyed in a nuclear attack on our home state of Florida, I invite you to repent and get saved before it’s too late. If you don’t, you will burn in the unquenchable flames of Hell, for all eternity. Jesus died for the worst of sinners, including me and including you. Accept that gift while you still can, Trevor Noah, the clock is ticking.

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