From the beginning of this pandemic, I have questioned the validity of the effectiveness of wearing masks. I did not start wearing a mask until it was mandated in my area which was late summer. However, I did not know how deep the rabbit hole went until I watched the attached video. This video provides the most comprehensive information on the subject of wearing masks that I have seen so far. The author of this video attempted to put it on YouTube but it was immediately removed. The video can be viewed on Bitchute with the provided link blow. I also added a second video from the same author which goes into more information on the possibility that wearing masks might be hazardous to our health. Please view below and then make your own decision.

What Experts really say about wearing Masks

How Wearing Masks Makes Us Sick

S. Renee Felder

Author: S. Renee Felder

S. Renee Felder has been walking with the Lord for almost 30 years and has over 30 years’ experience as a professional tax accountant and over 20 years as a financial accountant. She has also taught accounting and finance to undergraduate and MBA students. She often receives prophetic insights into financial markets. She has written a book which can be found on Amazon titled ‘The Bridge, Moving from Increasing Chaos to Future Peace’ which is about a revelation the Lord gave her showing how bank failures will be one of the catalysts for the collapse of the U.S. and global economies. Strategies on how to prepare for what is coming are also included.

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