In the 22-minute video shown below, Pastor Charles Turner shares two dreams, which he received on April 28 and 29 and a vision he received on April 30 in which God said to him, “There is a dark cloud over the United States of America. Deception, manipulation, control and violence is going to begin.”

In the first dream, received on Tuesday, April 28, God told him, “Warn the people!”

He was fearful because he saw the Lord and He was huge and angry. So he asked, “What is it Lord?”

And the Lord said, “America has come into a genre like unto when Germany took over the Jews. Terror is coming in the land, domination and strict, strong-armed control is coming to America. The citizens are about to be numbered. Just like they numbered the Jews in Germany, they will number every American citizen whether they like it or not. You need to tell the people to pray. Tell them to pray!”

Then the Lord showed him three countries: Russia, Germany and China and said, “Right now, they are coercing together to form an alliance to come against America. It already began with the fake issues behind the vaccine. America is in great debt financially. The economic system is about to crack in America.”

Then Pastor Charles asked, “Lord, what is going on?”

Then the Lord explained, “The restrictions on the bank where you cannot go in due to the virus, that was put in motion to brainwash the public to get them used to not being able to access their cash. The programming is beginning because there is a movement, with great speed, going towards a cashless society. Even if there was an emergency right now, if you needed to get to your cash, you could not do it. A time, another hardship, is coming upon this country where people are going to panic and try to get to the bank, but they won’t be able to do it.”

Then Pastor Charles asked, “But Lord, they’re re-opening the country. Can you not have mercy on us?”

The Lord answered, “The re-opening is not for the comfort of the people. It’s not because of the lower risk of infection. That has nothing to do with it. Something far more sinister is coming to America, another hardship. The people are going to be relieved because the restrictions are being lifted. They’re going to have a form of excitement. This is planned. What greater way to bring more despair than to let the people come up and breathe, only to drown them again. This next phase of the coming hardship will cause greater depression and because of it, it will cause civil unrest in the nation.”

In the dream, Pastor Charles then saw people turning on each other. Violence was in the streets and because of the violence, they had to call in the military.

Then the Lord told him, “People who are trouble makers will be force-vaccinated to calm them, but the vaccination will have a dependency. Every time their body begins to get sick, they will need the vaccine again and when they take it again, it will keep them calm again. It is a form of programming.”

He asked the Lord about the quarantine and He said, “The primary purpose was to eliminate the middle class. Because of the shut down, many small businesses will fail and never reopen again.”

Then Pastor Charles asked him about the stimulus checks. Then he was taken up to a peak of a mountain and he heard the Lord say, “Behold.” Then he saw the people jumping up to get their stimulus checks that were coming from what looked like a huge piggy bank. Then the Lord said, “They’re being trained. They’re being programmed to depend on the government and not Me.”

Then the next night, Wednesday April 29, Pastor Charles received a second dream in which he saw the president of the United States signing a document. Pastor Charles knew the president was unwilling to sign it, but he knew he had to do it for the sake of his own wealth, for his own family and for all of his colleagues that were close to him (Note: Not for the benefit of the American people). So a law was passed for mandated forced vaccinations.

Then the Lord told him, “These vaccines will contain the RFID chip.” Pastor Charles believes this is the mark of the beast.

During the dream, he woke up choking and could not breath, so he cried out to the Lord and suddenly his throat opened. Then the Lord said, “Tell My people they are choking on My Word. They won’t read it because they’re choking on it and the reason why they’re choking on it is because they are carnal. Lack of prayer, lack of reading My word, lack of worship, lack of fear of Me any more, lackadaisical watching things; here is what has choked the ability of My word. Pornography has increased in the body of Christ. Fornication has increased in the body of Christ. Verbal abuse at home, in marriages, has increased. And now because of that, the sin, the infestation, the calmness to cross over God’s will, now when they hear the Word of God, they are choking on it.”

Then the Lord said, “There is deception coming. Warn the lambs. Confusion will set in for those who do not have a prayer life or a scripture discipline. Warn the people that they don’t become so spiritually inspired that they don’t become knowledgeable in My word. I have allowed them to come under the quarantine and lockdowns to allow My people time to come closer to Me, but all they did was sleep. The saints have been more attracted to vanity and playing games and just staying busy, anything but learning the knowledge of God.”

“I am enhancing the gift of discernment in these last days. When the Church comes back, that gift will be at the entry of the door of all the houses of God that love Me.”

Then Thursday morning, April 30, Pastor Charles heard the Lord say, “This president’s time is limited.”

Immediately, he saw a vision of something happening to President Trump. It looked like he was not well. People were helping him to stand. He seemed incapacitated in his mind. Somehow, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) was in control. He saw the FEMA logo next to the president while people were holding him up and trying to resuscitate him. His hair was crooked. He truly was not himself.

Then he heard the Lord say, “This thing must be, for the time is near. Tell the people, I’m on my way.”

Then Pastor Charles shared a previous dream he received in which he saw FEMA trucks going into neighborhoods and FEMA agents going door to door asking people if they had been vaccinated. If they said no, they were instructed to go outside to their truck and immediately get vaccinated. If they refused they were arrested.

As his dream continued, he saw that Vice-President Pence could not take over as leader. He understood a secret document had been signed by the president giving control to FEMA. Then he saw the streets were bare without even any police officers. Then he was in a large room where a massive number of police officers were gathered. They did not know he was there, but he was allowed to watch and listen as they talked about arresting people and putting them in cages and detaining them for refusing to take the vaccines. They discussed ways of restricting people from entering and exiting cities.

After seeing this, the Lord told him, “All the police in America are in secret meetings discussing how to contain the masses.”

Then the Lord took him up high above America and he saw certain states light up. He clearly saw Nevada and Wyoming. Then the Lord said, “The most populous cities will be last but they’re going to begin to contain the cities one by one to force vaccination. They’re going to cut off the grid so you will not be able to use your cell phone to call anyone. They will restrict information from going out while this is going on from state to state. Meanwhile, the news media will continue broadcasting and reporting as if everything is normal while secretly America is being taken over.”

“This is a warning. I am coming back. You do well to be ready. Many will not be ready when I come. I will come in a moment when they least expect.”

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is a blogger, business owner, husband and father of two grown children. In 1982, he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2012, he founded to broadcast the message of salvation by reporting end time news before it happens.

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