(OPINION) Michael Snyder – This has already been one of the most bizarre presidential election seasons in U.S. history, and it gets stranger with each passing day.  So it seems appropriate that nature is getting into the act as well.

Some very unusual natural events are happening, and many are speculating that some or all of them may have some sort of deeper meaning. For example, there will be a “blue moon” on the Saturday before the election, and of course Halloween just also happens to fall on that particular Saturday.  The following comes from the Jerusalem Post

The events of 2020 have been strange enough that some might quip they would only happen once in a blue moon. But this year will even have one of those: At the end of October, an actual, rare blue moon will occur – on Halloween. What makes this even more unusual is the fact that this will be the very first Halloween blue moon to occur in all global time zones since 1944…

This year is particularly unusual as it is the first full moon to occur across all time zones since 1944, although there is a full moon on Halloween somewhere in the world every 19 years – meaning that the next one to occur will be in 2039, followed by 2058 and 2077. In 1944, World War II was reaching a crescendo, and in 2020 we have definitely had our share of trouble as well.

But a blue moon is not the only odd natural event that is taking place during this time frame. On Thursday, an asteroid that is the “size of London’s Big Ben clock tower” zoomed past the Earth just minutes after the final presidential debate ended… In what is perhaps yet another signal of end times upon us, an asteroid that is the “size of London’s Big Ben clock tower” is going to fly past the Earth tonight, moments after the end of the next Presidential debate.

It’ll pass the Earth safely on Thursday at 10:49 PM EST, Fox News reports. The asteroid is called 2020 TGI and is traveling at an estimated 30,700 miles per hour. It’s going to miss the Earth by about 7 million miles. Perhaps that is just a “coincidence”, but another asteroid is scheduled to make an extremely close pass to Earth literally the day before the election.  The following is what Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted about this asteroid the other day….MORE

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