(OPINION) Charisma – In his new blockbuster bestseller, The Harbinger II: The Return, Jonathan Cahn reveals what couldn’t be revealed until this exact time in history.

In his electrifying sequel, Cahn further uncovers a prophetic message about the mystery that lies behind the events now shaking America—the plague of COVID-19, the economic collapse, the civil disorder, the riots, and much more. What was foretold in The Harbinger is now coming true—and Cahn’s shares how an ancient biblical template even determined the exact timing of the pandemic and the nation’s shaking.

“I’ve held back on saying some things in this way until now,” says Cahn. “The shakings that have taken place around us that have changed our lives—are they a sign that we’re approaching judgment? Is the mystery that began in The Harbinger now coming to pass? And if so, where is it all heading? How much time do we have? Is there hope? What are the keys we need to know for the days ahead?

The Harbinger II opens up the biblical mystery behind the shakings that are happening around us—what it means for the future of America and the world—and for you and me.”

Eight years ago, Cahn wrote in The Harbinger about the ancient template of national judgment that appeared in biblical times before the destruction of a nation. “In the last days of ancient Israel,” says Cahn, “nine harbingers of warning—prophetic signs—appeared in the land. They were warning of judgment and destruction that would come. Those same nine harbingers have now appeared on American soil.”

The Harbinger revealed that the first sign in the biblical template is that the nation’s hedge of protection is lifted, and an enemy makes a strike on the land. It’s a wake-up call for the nation. That happened in America on Sept. 11, 2001. The book goes on to reveal all nine harbingers than followed that cataclysmic event. READ MORE

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