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Astor Place hairstylists is closing down after 73 years of doing business in the East Village. The iconic hair salon has become the latest victim of both the coronavirus pandemic and the draconian shutdown measures that New York City has had to endure for months. 

The shop has counted people like Robert de Niro, Kevin Bacon and Andy Warhol has clients over the years, according to the New York Post. But now, the shop is closing for good just before Thanksgiving. 

Michael Saviello, the shop’s manager, told The Post: “We’re down 90% of our business. We’ve been open every day since reopening in June, but we’ve reduced our hours.”

The decision affected 40 stylists that work at the shop, including one named “Big Mike” who has been working at the shop for over 40 years. He said: “A lot of people cried when we told them the news. Some of our customers cried because they came here as kids and now bring their kids to get their hair cut.”

The shop has been owned by the same family for three generations and its message has always been diversity, embracing the idea that people from all different economic backgrounds still need haircuts. A sign near the door informs customers of the many languages the staff speaks. 

“Maybe we’ll come back when the city comes back, but right now it’s not feasible,” Saviello concluded.

Unfortunately, for as long as De Blasio stays in office, we’re not sure the city has any chance of “coming back”. 

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