I wanted to share this vision I had this morning at 3:11 am, as it was so encouraging (in this bleak time)!

When I awakened, I immediately saw a vision of four tall sailing ships that all looked like the Mayflower, sailing swiftly side by side on a beautiful ocean, which I knew was the Atlantic! There were bright rays of sun shining around the ships, and they were in sync with one another and on a mission!

As I watched, I felt joy and exhilaration; it was so refreshing! Then, I saw a scene in the heavens above the ships and the sky was filled with the angels of God, all surrounded by bright light, which was the source of the rays of light around the ships. The angels were flying over the ships as if they were guiding them and I knew the ships were heading towards the northeastern coast of the United States.

As I beheld this scene, I heard the angels crying out loudly, “TRUTH! TRUTH! TRUTH! TRUTH!”

I was given the understanding that God is sending the TRUTH, by DIVINE INTERVENTION, and the four ships represent the NEXT FOUR YEARS as the TRUTH will be REVEALED about many things to that region of our nation!

I believe this DIVINE INTERVENTION is due to THE RETURN of God’s people to Him and the PRAYERS of so many people for the United States!


Author: Sandra Hide

Sandra Hide got saved at the age of five, but strayed as a teenager from age 15 to 19. Then, at age 19, she was radically saved and her life changed forever. She was called by God as a prophetess at around age 21, with a similar calling like Jeremiah, and an Ezekiel 33 Watchman call, and she has operated often in the Elijah/John the Baptist anointing. For about twenty years, she did missionary-like work in the U.S. with her husband. As the Lord directed, they traveled to many areas of the country, doing whatever He asked, as best they could, until 2010. Since that time, the Lord has had her in intercessory prayer mode and doing many behind-the-scenes missions.

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