(ETH) – It appears that many truckers out there are not happy with the election outcome even though it’s still not official yet. According to a recent report, A group that has described itself as a “banded group of brothers and sisters” is wanting “to show America who runs the country,” and is threatening to shut down America’s trucking system over issues connected to the election of President-Elect Joe Biden.

The latest comes from a group called talk on the ‘Stop the Tires’ Facebook page, which has swelled to over 51,000 members and is warning that a 24-hour strike could begin on Veterans Day — or possibly over the Thanksgiving holiday to shut down the industry on an important shopping and shipping weekend.

According to the creator of the group, Jeremy Rewoldt, who stated in a Nov. 7 post, “We will not participate in the leftist, Biden/Harris Green New Deal.” He added, “We do not support the banning of fracking … The United States of America operates as a capitalistic economy and OIL is the fuel she survives on.” On the page, a woman named Cara Carroll is named as a co-founder of the movement, and she says the strike is meant to “protect 19 million jobs.”

Ricky Scaparo is the pastor and founder of the international ministry End Time Headlines. A ministry that provides resources to equip believers and to inform the discerning of the signs and seasons in which we live. His mission is to inform his readers and viewers of prophetic events and how they are unfolding before our very eyes through news and headlines presented from a prophetic perspective in light of the Holy Bible.

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