The graphic that you see at the top of this article is the original banner I created over ten years ago. How well I remember sitting in front of my computer at my home in Colorado, looking at a completely blank canvas in Photoshop, and asking the Lord what He would have me to make. This was the very first graphic ever created for Now The End Begins. I direct your attention to the  text in the bottom left-hand corner of the image, this is where our story takes place right now in 2020. Take a look and see:

“For generations the Bible has warned of the coming End of Days, and you are now living in that time. America, a nation raised up by the Hand of God to spread the Gospel and to be a beacon of Freedom for people around the world is about to be forever silenced by these sworn to protect her—her leaders.” Geoffrey Grider 2009

America is not mentioned by name in bible prophecy, and certainly neither are Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. But what is mentioned in your King James Bible, and what is prophesied, is the coming New World Order under Antichrist. As Ronald Reagan so aptly pointed out in his landmark speech ‘A Time For Choosing’, America is the last nation on Earth to stand alone for freedom, liberty and provide it’s people the ability to worship God in peace and security. No other nation on Earth has ever guaranteed those things to its people, and because of that, America is unique. But because of those exact same things, America stands in the way of the New World Order, and as such must be taken out of the way.

This has been a massive undertaking, costing billions of dollars and laid out over many years.  On January 17, 1961, Dwight D. Eisenhower ends his presidential term by warning the nation about the increasing power of the military-industrial complex, it is here the seeds of anarchy were sown. From there we watch President John F. Kennedy, in a speech entitled “The President and the Press” given at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on April 27, 1961, telling America how he aimed to expose the many ‘secret societies’ that were rising in power in the Deep State. Not long after he gave that speech, his security detail would be call off of his car in Dallas, Texas, and he would be dead. Murdered not by Lee Harvey Oswald, but by the CIA and George H.W. Bush.

On September 11, 1991, that same man, George H.W. Bush, now president of the United States, went before Congress and told America to prepare for the New World Order. Ten years to the day later, the World Trade Centers would be brought down under the administration of his son, George W. Bush, with his other son Marvin overseeing ‘security’ at the Towers. When the smoke cleared, freedom in America had taken a shot to the forehead with something called The Patriot Act, kind of like Hitler’s Enabling Act, just a little more subtle. One year after that, the first human implantable microchip would be released from a company called Digital Angel, and it was called the VeriChip. Oh yeah, I bet you’re awake now, aren’t you? Stay with me, the water is about to get deeper.

“The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars. And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.” Isaiah 9:10, 30:25 (KJB)

In 2008, America elected its first black president, the Muslim Barack Hussein Obama. I was thrilled that a black man was president, but I was disgusted that the same black man was a Marxist with a past so shady, all his records were sealed. You do the math. His boyhood heros were gutter-dwelling low-lifes like Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky, avowed Marxists who sought the overthrow of America. Under Obama’s two terms, legal protections for heterosexual marriage was denied, and gay marriage became the law of the land. Transsexuals , transgenders and transvestites became a protected category. Under Obama we saw the creation of ISIS, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. The economy was so bad, Obama himself said it would take a ‘magic wand’ to restore it. Enter Donald Trump.

Where Did The Towers Go? Directed Free-Energy Technology by Dr. Judy Wood

The Bizarre Behavior Of President George Bush On 9/11 Shows He Had Advance Knowledge Of The Attacks

In 2016, America elected Donald Trump with a mandate to take on the Deep State, and drain the swamp, and I must say, he did a really, really good job. He beat 16 Republicans including Jeb Bush for the nomination, and then beat Hillary Clinton who had the complete support of the fake news media, and a billion dollar bank account. Trump beat them all, because God placed him in the Oval Office for such a time as this. Under Trump, the US Embassy was moved to Jerusalem, Jerusalem was declared the capital of Israel, and the American economy began to fire on all 8 cylinders, and we were prosperous once more. Donald Trump is also the only president in the modern-era to not lead us into a new war. One of his last acts was the Abraham Accords, and it is here where we pull over and park for a moment.

“And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:” Daniel 2:21 (KJB)

Donald Trump was put in office by God, according to Daniel 2:21, to prepare the table for the end times which began on May 14th , 1948. He was not put into office to Make America Great Again. I have long said that God used Obama to judge America, and to legally codify the sin we crave into the laws of our land, and He used Donald Trump to judge the world. The Abraham Accords are the foundational building blocks of the coming Daniel 9:27 (KJB) covenant that the Jews will make with Antichrist. Are you with me so far, do you see and understand what I am saying to you? The world has been prepared for judgement, and that judgment is now well under way, and it has reached America.



Get your eyes off of hapless pawns like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, they are but instruments of God’s judgment. But prepare for the same people to make your lives miserable, unsaved Liberals are some of the most vindictive, evil people you will ever come across.

“And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” Revelation 17:12,13 (KJB)

Over in Europe, in Iran and China, leaders there are giddy with the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency. The globalism that Donald Trump stopped will be reestablished overnight, and taken to levels you have only ever read about in end times novels. Emmanuel Macron fully expects to form a pact with the Biden administration that will see the creation of the European Union Army, with Macron as its commander-in-chief.

All during the COVID crisis, we have watched churches in Democrat-run states be fined, closed down and run out of business. We have watched nearly $3,000,000,000.00 dollars of damage done in the Black Lives Matter Riots, riots that presumptive vice president Kamala Harris says are “good, necessary, and won’t stop even after the election”. We have watched ANTIFA killing cops with impunity. Now all that lawlessness will be legal, and not only legal it will be ‘protected speech’ as Kamala Harris has long said it should be.

This is the new America, the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We told you for 10 years this was coming, you should have listened, we tried out best to warn you.



Over the past 24-hours, thousands of people have been out on the streets of New York City, no masks, no social distancing, with the full blessing of Democrat Mayor Bill Di Blasio and Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Huge groups of unmasked people only spread germs if you’re a Trump supporter, if you’re a Democrat, you won’t even hear it mentioned one time. In Washington, AOC has called for the creation of an ‘enemies list’, and it has already begun to be populated with names. In 2016, NTEB was placed on the ‘enemies list’ of the Southern Poverty Law Center, I have no doubt we will make AOC’s list also. And so will you.

“For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.” 1 Peter 4:17-19 (KJB)

In closing, brothers and sisters, the time has come for all of us who name the Name of Jesus Christ to be tested in the fire in a time where preaching and teaching the gospel of the grace of God will now cost us something, maybe even our own lives. As bible believers in the end times remnant Church, we are called like the battle horses of old to run boldly into the fire, not whimper and cower as the rising darkness covers our land. As for me, you will find me right here, on the front lines of the end times, ready to spend and be spent for the cause of Jesus Christ. Flight #777 is so close I can feel the wind in my face from those Titus 213 Airlines jet engines. Let us go strong and confident in the might and power of Jesus Christ, and proclaim to a lost and dying world that will soon be under the rule of Antichrist, that the blood still saves! Are you ready for what comes next? You better be.

Watch Paula White Declare That Fallen Angels Have Been Released And Are Coming To America From Africa And South America.

If America really is falling like it looks like it is, and the Marxist forces take over, then maybe Paula White has been sent by the Devil to release the fallen angels. Jesus says the Tribulation is like the ‘days of Noah’, a reference to the Genesis 6 giants that God destroyed. In this crazy year of 2020, you know what I’m saying is not only not far-fetched, it is also quite likely at this point. 

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“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;” Titus 2:13 (KJV)

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