Joe Biden made a deal with the Devil 47 years ago when he famously said he wanted to ‘prostitute himself’ to the rich and powerful elites who ran Washington, you can see that video at the bottom of this article. Here in 2021, the full implications of what that truly means has stunning implications for America. Joe Biden is a trojan horse who has agreed to be used by the Deep State in order to become president, and in return for his brief reign, Biden will give over control of America to foreign forces. His wish to become a ‘political prostitute” has been granted, and we are 7 days away from the unholy consummation of his vows.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJB)

Biden’s cabinet will be unique in many respects, not the least of which being they are all Democrats, not a single Republican on the roster. Not only that, Biden’s cabinet is focused on ‘race and gender’ exclusively, people have not been picked because they are qualified, they have been picked because they advance critical race theory objectives. One person you need to pay special attention to is Thomas Zimmerman, who is filthy dirty up to his eyeballs with Communist China. Welcome to the Biden Reich.



Joe Biden Personnel Chief  Thomas Zimmerman Served At Chinese Intel Org Flagged By FBI For Recruiting Western Spies

FROM THE NATIONAL PULSE: While at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation, Zimmerman also served as a fellow at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, flagged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its close ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s top spy agency, the Ministry of State Security.

The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), which the FBI views as a “front group for Chinese intelligence collection and overseas spy recruitment,” was involved in a 2019 criminal case involving a retired Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative selling classified U.S. defense documents to China.

The operative, Kevin Mallory, was contacted by a SASS official via LinkedIn to begin the relationship that culminated in a 20-year prison sentence for Mallory.

The FBI has described the Chinese Communist Party as relying on SASS employees as “spotters and assessors” of potential Western spies. Ministry of State Security officers – described by the FBI as keen on “influencing the foreign policy of other countries” – have also “used SASS affiliation as cover identities,” according to the FBI.

A Homeland Security Today article describes Zimmerman’s association with the think tank as a “visiting scholar” focusing “on Afghanistan, Somalia, and Chinese regional policy.”

Zimmerman has also “hosted an academic salon” alongside Chinese Communist Party adviser Li Lifan on “topics concerning counter-terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, security issues in Central Asia, the US perspective on the One Belt One Road initiative, and security issues in South Asia” at the Shanghai Institute of American Studies (SIAS).

SIAS is funded by the Chinese Communist Party and “provides advisory services to the central government as well as local decision-makers” in China. Also a Deputy Lead for National Security Personnel on the Biden-Harris Transition team, Zimmerman’s bio on the transition site omits any mention of his involvement with the Chinese think tank. READ MORE

Joe Biden: I Tried to ‘Prostitute Myself’ to Big Donors

Telling the Truth About the Communist Party

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