(Michael Snyder) – A storm is coming in, and soon it will envelop the entire nation.  We are accustomed to seeing businesses board up their doors and windows in coastal cities that are about to get hit by a hurricane, but I can’t think of another time when businesses all across America have been boarding up their doors and windows all at the same time.

There is widespread fear that this election could be the spark that sets off another round of horrifying civil unrest in cities all over the United States, and business owners are taking measures to protect their businesses from the violence.  The fact that we are even talking about the possibility of widespread violence after a presidential election shows just how much our country has fallen already.

Our society is literally coming apart at the seams all around us, and at this point, even Forbes is urging everyone to prepare for a worst case scenario… If we don’t have a clear winner, things could get ugly. Since we’ve witnessed months of mayhem, riots and civil unrest in large U.S. cities, it’s reasonable to conclude that we’ll have a frightening level of violence, destruction and unrest after the election. Both sides may claim victory, which could lead to actions that we don’t want to even consider, as it would rip apart the country.

That paragraph was not pulled from some ridiculous tabloid. This is Forbes that we are talking about, and it is crazy that even they are warning that there could be “a frightening level of violence, destruction, and unrest after the election”. How in the world is it possible that we have sunk so low?

Violence is not going to solve anything.  It boggles my mind that so many Americans would be willing to engage in senseless violence, and we should all be grieved by what has been happening in the streets of Philadelphia over the past few nights. Many desperate business owners are extremely concerned that their businesses could be vandalized and looted in the aftermath of the upcoming election, and they have been boarding up their storefronts to try to prevent that from happening.

For example, here is what has been happening in downtown Washington… Large swaths of downtown Washington, within blocks of the White House, resembled a coastal community girding for a powerful hurricane. Hotels, office buildings, coffee shops, and restaurants were sheathed in plywood, with some of the makeshift barriers stretching nearly entire blocks. READ MORE

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