How about Michigan? Overnight, an additional 200,000 ballots showed up all for Joe Biden, incredible, eh? Why, it’s a Christmas miracle!!!

Last night watching the election results as they came in, it was a near-mirror image of 2016, only this time the Democrats were ready with a few tricks up their sleeves. Trick Number One was to not call states for Donald Trump even though in places like Florida it was obvious he had taken the state. Not calling the state for Trump when everyone can clearly see he won it causes confusion and chaos. After it was clear that Trump was on track to score huge wins in places like PA and GA, Trick Number Two was closing the voting places and refusing to count the votes until the next day. That perfectly set up trick number 3.

Trick Number Three is underway right now, and it is something David Blaine would be quite proud of – making votes for Joe Biden appear, as if by magic, out of thin air. Take Wisconsin for example, 100,000 ballots appear from nowhere and all for Joe Biden. How about Michigan? Overnight, an additional 138,000 ballots showed up all for Joe Biden, incredible, eh? Why, it’s a Christmas miracle!!! Over in the home of Sin City in Democratic-run Nevada, they are refusing to count any more votes until Thursday. It doesn’t get any more crooked or more rotten than what is happening right now.

Meanwhile in our nation’s capital, proud and upstanding members of the Democrat Party took turns stabbing folks and setting the American flag on fire on election night. Before I go, let me remind you of what Joe Biden said just 2 weeks ago where he stated that he and the Democratic Party have put together “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history. He sure did, check out the video at the bottom.



Leftist protesters in Washington, D.C., and Portland, Oregon, burned U.S. flags during election night protests.

FROM BREITBART: In Portland, protesters yelled “Black Lives Matter” and “F*ck Ted Wheeler” while burning a flag on the street,” The Oregonian’s Maxin Bernstein tweeted.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler narrowly won re-election Tuesday night. The incumbent mayor defeated the self-proclaimed Antifa-supporting candidate Sarah Iannarone and community activist write-in candidate Teresa Raiford.

In Washington, D.C., protesters ignited an American flag on a street just blocks away from the White House, journalist Brendan Gutenschwager tweeted. In addition to the flag burning, protesters set off fireworks as they marched away from the White House.

Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history.

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